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Ahhh... The places we go. . .

Hello my sweet friends!

I read once that it often takes something major to wake us up as we struggle to maintain an illusion of control.

In life, most of us want 'things' in order to go to the places we have envisioned ourselves going. We have plans and visions, some of them inspired action and some are divinely inspired, and we want to see them through especially to completion.

We want to be happy, successful, and healthy, all of which are perfectly natural and perfectly human.

Following our own instinct and our own intuition is not always easy. Nevertheless, when you act on it. . . that's when the magic starts to happen! It propels you to the next step, unlocking the next door. Paving the way to what feels 'right' with our life!

I have been fortunate to have been listening to my 'gut' and have had inspired action propel me to my next steps. It was the driving force that got me to leave Long Island, after 57 years and move out here to California.

Well it's been 2 years 2 months and I'm on the move again! Back to the east coast again - Green Mountain, North Carolina to be exact! I just bought 21 acres of a mountain...and it all sits on a River!

Let me rewind just a bit.

Just before my 59th birthday this year, my middle son, Thomas and my daughter-in-law, Cherilyn, announced that they were moving to Nashville to throw down some roots and plan their future. It was music to my ears, as well as a wake up call to my instincts. It meant I, too, would now be on the move.

Wait, what?

It was a strange reaction I was having. I was completely over the moon excited for my son and daughter-in-law, yet, it was the 'bingo' to a notion that had been nudging me for the past 6 months or so. I felt there was something waiting for me. Something nudging me to re-evaluate my life, my journey and what I want to bring to the world.

I didn't realize I needed to hear it until they said it! It was like the phrase, you know when you know.

Confusing? Not to me. At least not any more!

I love everything about the reasons why I moved out to LA.... and to California, in particular. It wasn't a 'mistake' to come here, it was a 'necessary'! Otherwise I would not have understood this next step.

This is just life's way of taking us to a place we need to go for reasons that go deeper than our own ability to reason and understand. These opportunities are presented to shed light on our subconscious workings and deepen our experience of reality and desire. Everything is preparation. People, places and things are being prepared for you as you move thru your life. Sometimes it takes something major to wake us up, to shake us loose from our ego as it struggles to maintain an appearance of control. Something I struggle with myself.

It is loss of control more than anything else that humbles us and helps us to see the big picture. We can then be reminded that the key to the universe lies in what we do not know, and what we do know is only a tiny fraction of what's to come in our life. Life is not guaranteed. We design and define what we want our life to look like, and then make it happen.

I've said so many times, if not now, when? (I lost another good friend this year, so the time is NOW for me!) Let's look at this another way. We can take a cue from any fairy tale or movie that finds its main character lost in the woods, frightened and alone. We know that the journey through the woods provides its own kind of breakthroughs and awakenings. You realize at the end, it was necessary. Coming thru to the other side we emerge transformed, lighter and brighter, braver and more confident for having moved through that darkness. Make sense? At the end of the movie, don't we all 'get it'? It was necessary. And the resistance to change dissipates and our 'right' path emerges.

If we don't change what isn't working in our lives, we will continually have the same day over and over again. Raise your hand if you can feel me here!

We have all had the experience of realizing that something in our lives is not working. My experience here in LA and in building my life coaching services was missing something. I came to realize it was the element of live energies. I missed being WITH people! It was that something that was nudging me. That's why it all came into focus when my son said he was leaving LA.

I have many, many, many plans in the making for this beautiful piece of heaven! And if you will indulge me, I plan to chronicle this journey and expose my desires, my fears and my triumphs with you all. After all, we are all more alike than we are different, don't forget! I now can begin a legacy to leave my mark upon.

I've learned to embrace change. It's not always easy, but it doesn't have to be hard.

What I do know for sure is people who fear change live with the uncomfortable awareness that something needs to shift but won't do anything about it. I call it comfortable in the discomfort. That makes sense to me.

Between these two extreme responses lies a middle way that can help us powerfully and gracefully change what isn't working in our lives. This information can come as a sudden realization or a nagging feeling of doubt that grows stronger, waking us up, literally, to the fact that something needs to change. (Don't get me started on the many sleepless, restless nights I've had in the last 6 months or so! I am sleep deprived and over weight, again!)

So, I'm on the move once again. And once again, it feels 'right' to me.

Our lives are living, breathing entities that reflect our unique selves. The first step is remembering that your life is made up of parts that belong to an interconnected whole. Changing one thing can change everything.

So stay tuned if you're with me! Perhaps we'll find our way together in this journey of life.

Do you need to make a change in your life but are afraid to?

I can help! After all I keep sharing with you that I have been down that road! And I'm headed down that road once more!

I'm offering a free conversation to my followers and friends to learn more about a unique process for you.

Find out how I can help you gain clarity, eliminate fear, and become empowered.

Go directly to my calendar to book an appointment or reach out to me here and let's do this together!

I am not my sister's keeper, I am my sister.

Much love,


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