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'It doesn't matter what social status you are - what level you think you're at - he raises you to the top of your capability!'

~ Usher - after attending UPW Ft. Lauderdale, FLA 2014

AND I was there! With Usher! was also MY first UPW!

After attending this event 2X!!... I am finally getting a chance to give back and pay-it-forward as MY contribution to Tony's mission...

To Transform Lives - Where the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE! = OUTSTANDING!!

Ahhh... a dream come true... I am WORKING for Tony Robbins!!! I can hardly contain myself!!! What's next??? Bring it on!!!! Keep posted with me on #unleashingmypower15

YOU [too] can create your own destiny! Do you know how long it takes to change?? **Snap your fingers....that's how long!! **Blink your eyes... that's how long! Your turn...

Remember.... "You have the power, Dorothy, you always did...."

UPW - LA CA - Oct 21-25

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