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"I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Lucia for over 15 years.  In that time I witnessed Lucia’s talent for digging deep to determine the root cause of an issue and applying simple and smart techniques for resolution.  Lucia is driven to help others and I believe her life mission was always to be a coach.  She’s a great listener and an even greater problem solver, so when she applies her wisdom and guidance to personal coaching, watch out world as success is bound to follow.  Lucia is honest, direct, compassionate, empathetic and life-smart. I would highly recommend her as an ideal life coach!" 

 ~ Ilene Brannigan

"This amazing woman has been in my life for seven years now. She has helped me through some of the most challenging years of my life. Guided me through difficult decisions, helped me come to conclusions about where I was in my life and where I wanted to be. Lucia is extremely insightful, thought provoking, motivating and inspiring! Supportive, caring, results-oriented, creative, fun. She has a positive attitude and will help you find yours. Someone that you just want to spend time with because she helps you feel good about yourself, no matter where you are in your life. You can’t afford not to have her by your side!"  

~ Linda from New York

"Lucia has always inspired me and always knew just the right questions to ask me to get the wheels turning and hence find my own answers. Her enthusiasm for life and the way she embraces change is contagious. She has a way of inspiring those around her to strive for themselves instilling the belief that anything we want can and will be achieved. My life is richer for having met her and to get to know her and to be able to now pass on to others the inspiration she has given me! Through Lucia, my life has been transformed, I am a better version of my former self, healthier, happier and appreciative every day of my life. I now know there are no boundaries to what I can accomplish."  

~ Sherry Vaders 

"It’s ALL in the mind. Anything you want to do is ALL in the mind. Lucia, thank you for helping me get it out of my mind and into my life. Whether it’s good for me or not, until I try something, I’ll never really know. With your encouragement, I’ve been finding out. And probably will be for the rest of my life."  

~ Grace Bertolone

"If you change the way you look at things....the things you look at change"

"This is something that Lucia brought up at a WW meeting years ago and it struck gold for me.  If I didn't look at life differently, my life would never change.  Thru Lucia's guidance and coaching, I lost 50+ pounds! (350 pounds of pressure off of my knees!)  

Lucia looks at life as a journey. Change is possible, and it's a good way to live.  There is always room for change. Go another way. And, it works. Sometimes you lose sight of your journey and get stuck in the same place, for far too long!  Things always need changing.  Again, Lucia, your words echo in my head.  Thank you so much!"  

~ Cathy McCafferty

“Working with Lucia has given me a new life perspective.   She's helped me open my mind to many new positive concepts … much appreciated.”  

~Vito Aiello

"To name a few…Lucia is extremely motivational, loving, caring, smart, hilarious, and extremely easy to talk to… she gets it on many levels!  People gravitate to Lucia… she is the kind of person whom you want to be with, want to talk with…many people have voiced this very opinion! 


Lucia has been my life coach for over 15 years now. She has the wonderful gift of listening and offering advice is such a way that it makes you laugh, cry, feel heard, and most importantly makes you feel that you matter!


Lucia is very motivational… when she is working on your body environment, she can get you to move [via exercise] like no other I’ve met before.. and believe me I’ve been exercising my entire life!  She is motivational in mind, body and I said, she gets it!


I feel blessed to know and work with her on all of these areas of my life."  

~ Tina Eletto


I have been so extremely grateful for all of your support when I first started under your leadership. You truly do exhibit very admirable qualities that are envied by those who have been fortunate enough to have worked with you. I know personally I was so lucky to have interacted in a professional atmosphere with such a caring and motivating manager. You always made everyone feel important and vital to making things run smoothly. I really understood the importance of my role and how much we all touched so many people's lives.You have been an incredible role model to not only me but so many others. Anyone would greatly benefit from your infinite wisdom when it comes to life lessons and navigating one's life and from your amazing humanity. 

-Sincerely, Elisa Abad

How do I begin to explain how Lucia has changed and impacted my life. We have been through all of life's passages from being tweens, puberty, graduating high school, love, marriage, children, divorce, and we still have a deep friendship. Why? Because if there is one person who has always been there to LISTEN, understand and give the best direction in any situation it was Lucia. She doesn't give advice, she guides. This is so important because we have the answers within us, she simply knows how to get us to bring those answers out. This gift Lucia has for helping people to be the best selves they can be is so rare.  She truly WANTS others to thrive and fulfill their life's dreams. I can never put down on paper what is in my heart for her and what she has done for me.  

~ Annamarie Signoretti 

A winning smile, an upbeat personality, a caring concern for others, is just the beginning of my niece’s great qualities. Lucia has endeared herself to her family.  But that is just the beginning. . .

Over these many years her knowledge of people, a tireless work ethic, and dedication to doing what is right and best for all has played a great part in her success.  Most assuredly her focus on each individual’s special needs and concerns is the hallmark of her being.  I am thankful for the comfort she has provided for our family members (especially my children).  

~ Loving Uncle Ken Stubbolo

"Lucia was and still is an amazing, energetic, and motivational instructor. Every single one of her classes made me feel strong and good about myself.  

~Adrienne Keresztes

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