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Choices, Chances, Changes....

OK so you know exactly what you want from the Universe. You’ve read the books and listened to the CD’s and you understand the processes involved. You can see your wonderful new life playing out in brilliant Technicolor in your imagination and you are in touch with how you will feel once you have achieved this amazing vision. You can SEE it!! You just know that this is how you were destined to spend the days of your life and recognize in your heart that this is the contribution you were born to make to the world!! BUT.... there’s just one thing nagging at you, just one thing preventing you from surrendering completely to the process – and that is right now, you feel a million miles away from achieving your dream and this is causing doubt, fear and anxiety! Well join the Club!!

So what you really want to know (to calm your fears) is “how long is it going to take?” How long will it be before the life you are currently living merges with the life you dream of? So....A sunflower seed has an incubation period of about 2 weeks ....your dream is non-physical and so you are not sure of the gestation period....well that makes sense! Understand that your intuition can answer this question if asked – so you will need to search inside…Ugh...Again! To steady the ship you must also know something first. Your life circumstances are based on your choices. Most tend to overlook the two universal laws that control all human life. The law of CAUSE and EFFECT...and, the law of COMPOUNDING. There are NO accidents or coincidences, there are only results of the 2 laws at work. If you disregard or overlook potential consequences, you will put the 2 laws in action...either to your benefit, or to your decay. We all want things and we want them now! However, manifestation takes time but if you really understand the power of compounding then what you truly desire is just around the corner. Compounding is painfully slow and incremental at first ...but soon gathers pace and an amazing thing happens if you are patient and stay the course. At a certain point growth becomes substantial and almost instantly goes through the roof, and it’s at this point that your dreams come true!!

Take a long hard look at yourself and the choices you decide to take a chance on... You have unlimited potential in both directions, choose wisely my friends...and then watch the changes that happen!

Make the decision that will move you forward.

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Stay the course....stay the course...we'll do it together!

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