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Wait to Worry

I've been stupefied [recently] at the positive results I've been able to create simply by choosing to wait! Push pause; make an appointment, and wait...wait to worry.

Somehow it is in our nature to worry – first. Before any other solutions are allowed to be brought to the table, we sit in worry. Where does it comes from? Why is our knee jerk reaction to go immediately to the worst possible outcome and then dwell in that angst and dread for days and days and days?? Nothing good comes from it! Yet we constantly choose the dark side. Why is that the default setting in so many of us?

So, this time, I decided to wait to worry.

Earlier in the week I learned of some stressful financial news – is there any other kind?? Sidebar: Financial worry always gets soo much more attention than other worries, doesn't it? – yet, I decided to wait to worry about it. . . actually made an appointment for 3 days later and put on my calendar, 'Time for worry??'. Then, I took a breath, and instead of thinking about the 'holy shit' outcome, I choose to brain-storm some ideas proactively for possible solutions. I have to say, it certainly kept me from jumping into the pit of despair!

Am I out of the woods yet? Not yet. Soon. And the unexpected thing is, I opened up a door to a path I would have never taken had this not presented itself to my life. These solutions will have a better outcome than I could have planned for! Everything is happening FOR you!

I am working [hard] on changing my default settings! Really hard. Change the way I look at things so the things I look at change! Always a brilliant reminder!

So next time a worry comes to knock you down; steal your day; freak you out – push the 'pause button' and make an appointment for 3 days down the road to worry. In the meantime, you get your creative, critical thinking to run wild with possibilities! I promise its gonna make you proud!

Make the decision that will move you forward.

Click 'Contact' and reach out to me. We'll get on a call and figure it all out.

Much love,


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