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Hello, Gut? Remember me?

We are born with both intuition and instincts.

The difference between the two, supposedly, is that intuition is something we gain through experience, and instinct isn't based on having any prior experience. Interestingly, they are words often used interchangeably, and still both skills can be extremely helpful in our lives.

Following directions from a manual can be useful, even necessary at times, especially when something has a lot of steps, but sometimes it seems that the instructions can almost make things more complicated. I don't really like using instructional manuals when I have to put something together, especially the ones that look like mini-encyclopedias. I prefer using my instincts and intuition to figure it out, use my "gut" insticts to guide me.

When I moved to LA this September, I gave myself some time to nest – put my 'stuff' together in a different way than I had it back on Long Island. I re-purposed and re-arranged everything in a different way to suit my new life! Somethings transformed from one thing to another, a wall shelf became a nightstand; wicker baskets became kitchen 'drawers' and jewlery 'boxes'. I took a pewter rack that use to hold the wood for my fireplace and made it my dish-rack! I had fun in the process! Interestingly, I found myself paying attention to how my brain was processing as well. I realized it was running on critical thinking charged from instinct! Sometimes you just cannot explain it! You just know.

For sure I've gotten used to listening to my intuition, my instincts, a lot of the time when I'm figuring out how to work something – like I'm 'MacGyver'! Sometimes it seems things can be more complicated than they need to be! I consider myself capable of figuring out most things, if I happen to get stuck and need to use the instructions, they are there to refer to – but, it can just be fun to challenge ourselves to figure it out on our own. The bonus – I am usually left with a huge feeling of gratification and pride that I used critical thinking and figured it out by myself! Cue the applause!

If you haven't been running on instinct and intuition, its good to practice. Like building and strengthening any muscle, the more we use it, the more it works and the stronger and more confident we become. It should be a 'must' in your life to develop your intuition. We live in a time when things seem to be getting more complicated each day, especially with the advanced technology, and by using our instincts and developing our intuition, it will help us to problem-solve. Technology makes it easy to just ask 'Siri' what to do! (And, believe me, I've seen people doing this!) Being able to rely on good instincts and sharp intuition skills can definitely help you when you find yourself having to think quickly to make wise decisions.

Happily, no matter how long you've ignored your instincts, they're still there and still accurate.

Hello, Gut? It's Me. Let's get to know each other again!

Check out some tips to help you get re-acquainted and start honing these skills:

  • Visualize yourself already a problem solver! Already assume you can figure it out.

  • Listen to the voice in your head that's telling you what to do and just do it! If it seems wrong, try it again another way.

  • Acknowledge if you feel confident in your decision or unsure. If you feel confident, trust that feeling, if you feel unsure, don't act on it. That's your gut talking too!

  • Eliminate doubt or overanalyzing your decision – If it feels right, stick to it.

  • Tell yourself "I can do it!" Believing that you can do something helps make it a reality.

  • See the end result in your mind as already complete. Imagine it looking exactly as you envisioned it. (No matter what 'IT' is)

  • Try and use good ole' logic. Some things just make sense when it comes to how they're supposed to work. If you follow your common sense it will guide you to figure most things out.

  • Give yourself credit for acting on your intuition or going by your instincts when it's worked for you. Start saying something like "I'm glad I listened to my gut" or "I followed my hunch," you're reinforcing your ability to use your intuition and instincts.

Your inner voice that tells you that you can accomplish something is a positive and healthy one. The more you listen to it and trust it, the more likely you will be successful at whatever you're attempting to do.

We all have the gifts of instinct and intuition. We can either chose to use or ignore them. Personally, I like to use them as much as I can. I believe it's like having an inner compass, guiding us to what we are fully capable of. And the good news is it doesn't require a manual to know how to use them. It just needs having faith and trust in ourselves.

Make the decision that will move you forward. Click 'Contact' and reach out to me. We'll get on a call and figure it all out.

It takes a village to live life and we will do it together! Its already my instinct to do so! :)

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