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Just pay bills . . . then, die?

No April fools here.

Or maybe you were expecting that?

I dunno . . .

My thought today . . . what is it about dreaming?

When I talk about "what's your dream?" or "what do you want MOST FOR of your life?" Or any of the curious questions to discover a person's desires, I get the same response.... "yeah, wouldn't that be great!...hahahaha!"

I might ask: "How do you define happiness for yourself?" .... I hear, "Oh, you know...happy! Everything in my life is going good! hahahaha"

Many people are not having a conversation with themselves on what they want.


Not realizing they should be thinking about what they want.

What they need.

What they had planned for, dreamed of, and concocted in their wildest imaginations.

Are you thinking, "Pay bills and then I die." ??

I'm sure you are not.

Perhaps it was just told to us what SHOULD be.

You know, by the icons in your life at our very young age.

Role models.

Perhaps it was sold to us like everything else we grew up with.

What we saw on TV.

What we read about in books, magazines, newspapers.

What the 'teachers' told us.

Left to our own interpretations.

Everybody looked like they had their act together.

So what is wrong with me?

Was I so different?

NOT special enough?

NOT good enough?

NOT enough?

When we dreamed as kids, did we think it WOULDN'T come true?

Did someone burst that bubble early on?

Or was it because we never really sat-down-and-talked-about-what-you-want-for-yourself-with-anyone-who-gave-a-shit?

Who was doing that???

My family didn't do that.

My friends families weren't doing that!

So, why did we fall victim to blaming ourselves?

Maybe nobody knew better at the time.

As kids, we heard . . .

"Get your head out of the clouds!"

"Stop daydreaming!"

And a fan favorite . . .

"Who do you think you are, Rockefeller?

The list goes on.

AND, this was from the influencers in our lives.

We didn't even realize to get angry.

Angry that there wasn't direction.


No blueprint.

No discovery.

No design.

No sense of deserving.

No help with where the fuck do I start?!

I don't know about you, but I didn't question things like that when I was growing up.

What I questioned – at an early age – was why I wasn't good enough, wasn't smart enough to deserve 'those things'.

Whatever 'those things' were.

That's why I'm now doing what I am doing.

Life Coaching.

Following my 'passion' for helping others.

Helping others discover what it is they want, what they dream of and go make it happen.

Like what I'm doing for myself.

You might be sick of me saying it, but it is something I cannot explain.

It is a burning fire in my gut!

It overwhelms me with an emotion I cannot express.

I talk about 'jumping off my life' and getting to do what brings me joy, what fills my spirit.

This is it.

Too many people are not living a purpose driven life.

Too many people are stuck in the 'race'.

Too many people are not getting what they want and I just can't have it on my watch!

Yes, I want to earn my living for helping others.

That's the world we live in today.

I don't want to do ANYTHING else this badly.

And truth be told, I would do this for free.

Not because I do not value who I am and what I bring to the process, but because money stands in everybody's way of making shit happen for themselves.

That's why I talk about burning the boats. As metaphor.

Most people love the metaphor.

And. . . . most people are too scared to actually do it.

So, they continue to pay the bills and wait to die.

Not as blatantly obvious as that, but think about it, it's what MANY people are doing.

Another [same] day goes by.







* sigh *

I wanted to invest in myself.

Believe in me again.

Connect back to my instincts. Even though I had to remind myself what that voice sounded like!

There is so much paradox in the world.

As creative beings, we have to learn to develop a certain tolerance for paradox.

For example, I realized that I could have easily become a self-help junkie!

I was so obsessed with finding the answers to my 'lacking', I was on a quest!

Could I have become 'weaker' AFTER diving into some self-development?

It seems like an oxymoron to speak of the 'harm of self-help'.

But what I came to realize is I could have easily become obsessed with the feeling that I was less than I should be.

I could become addicted to searching to fill that inner void.

Ironically, you can become addicted to looking OUTSIDE yourself for the answers to what's wrong INSIDE.

Problem is, you might not really know what you're looking for.

But its a feeling of lacking and discontent.

The shadow side of this 'addiction' to self help is that you come to rely less and less on your own good sense!

By always looking for answers outside yourself, you reinforce the idea that you are NOT creative or wise enough to come up with your own solutions.

By constantly allowing other people to be the authority figures in your life, you undermine your own inner wisdom.

You are NOT broken, and you do NOT need fixing!

The real you, the inner GENIUS, is unbreakable.

The wisest people that have ever lived, in all times and from all traditions, suggest that you are IT!

You ARE the One!

You ARE the SHIT!

You are made from the same stuff as God, as Infinite Consciousness, as Infinite Intelligence.

Your true awareness is undifferentiated and, at its core, part of the one infinite being.

And the more you come to trust in your own inner creative power, the more that you will see that is true!

Your amazing intuition has 99% of the answers!

The other 1% you can find on Google! lol

Truth be told, that's how we show up together to do the work.

My assumption is always that you already have the answers.

We discover them together.

Write a clear blueprint to what you want.

What YOU want.

Having a 'coach' keeps you going, keeps you excited, keeps you focused.

Like any coach would do for anything worth achieving.

Keep you reminded that you already know!

We'll work on the discovery.

We'll work on the design.

We'll work on increasing your sense of deserving.

You could not have YOUR dream if you were not able to manifest it for yourself!

You know what it is.

So, lets go get it!

That's what I'm showing up for with you.

Guidance, accountability, direction FOR you to do your work.

Make the decision that will move you forward.

Click 'Contact' and reach out to me. We'll get on a call and figure it all out.

If not now, when?

Let's not just pay bills and die.

Not on my watch.

Much love,


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