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My baby, my youngest, just turned 26.

April 19th.

She is, as we speak, walking the Appalachian Trail.

She started on Wednesday, April 6th.

She'll be gone for six months.

Six months!

She quit her job as the graphic designer at Temple University - Fox School of Business.

Donated most all of her belongings.

Down to the silverware!

Gave up her apartment in Philly.

Researched the crap out of everything there was to know about the trail and the what to do ifs.....

She trained.

She trained hard.

She trained her dog, my grand-puppy, Dexter, too.

He's right by her side on this hike.

Carries his own pack and everything.

They are both proving to be outstanding pack leaders!

No surprise.

She has her partner in believing with her, Nicole, another bright and shining star.

(She, too, will be making a difference in the future of this world – keep eyes on!)

I have always said that I birthed my teachers.

I have three kids.

Three teachers.

Michael, 31, Thomas, 29, and Jessica, 26.

With my daughter, I feel I birthed my clone.

She is mini–me!

The only difference is, she is mini-me had I dared greatly when I was 26.

I am often in awe of my kids.


Very, very often.

With my daughter, it is a bit different.

Mostly because we are the same sex.

That’s why it had my attention.

I remembered walking in to her room, back when she was a teenager, putting her clean clothes on her dresser. There on the round, white-lacquered mirror, drawn in blue dry-erased marker were 2 thumbs-up and words at the top, ‘You are Awesome’.

When you stood in front of the mirror, it framed your body.

She was 16.

I remember, vividly, saying to myself… “Look at THIS girl!” (like - who does she thinks she is.)

As soon as those words [and attitude] came out of my mouth, I sighed a comforted, loving sigh.

My shoulders softened.

I then said . . . "Yes, LOOK at this girl." (as proud as a proud mama could be).

I was beholding a woman.

A woman who knew she was worth something and that she mattered.

At 16.

It was without surprise when she recently wanted to skydive.

A psychic once told me "grass doesn't grow under your daughters feet!"

For sure not!

So when she said, "Mama, how would you feel if I told you I want to jump out of a plane?"

(I first reminded her that SHE was living HER life, not me.)

And continued to add, "WHY do you want to jump out of a plane, my love?"

She paused and said "Because it represents how big I feel inside!"

I grabbed the keys and drove her straight to the airport!!

I smiled like a big ole cheshire cat!

How would I feel???

Who wouldn't want their kid, their child. . . the human being that grew in their womb. . . to FEEL exactly what my hopes dreams and aspirations were for them!

I mean, really???

I can sure dream BIG for my kids!




I remember thinking, however, if I don't model for them to go after those dreams, make it all happen, manifest. . . how will they know?

Actions are what gets attention.

Actions get things done.

Do you remember...."Do as I say, not as I do."?

I hate that phrase.


So I had to get to dreaming BIG . . . for myself.

Remember, the mama duck doesn't get her ducks in a row!

Hell no!

She goes!!!!!

And they follow . . .

Why do we hold ourselves back?

Why do we want more for others than we want for ourselves?

What holds us back?

What is holding you back?

What would you love?

What would feel really good to you?

What do you dream about?

What does that look like?

What would you love to see happen?

What needs to happen?

What is the gift in this for you?

What do you need from me?

I am here to serve.

I serve others as a life coach.

I hold the space for you to define, design and ignite the fire of your dreams.

I hold the space for you to grow.

There's a great story about how lobsters shed their shell.

As they grow and grow, they become uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.

It is in that discomfort that instinctually forces them to shed their shell.

Making way for a new transition.

Their next chapter.

Or they die.

We will do it all together.

It is a BIG part of MY dream.

My dream to serve others in support as you move forward in your life.

I have my own support to move my life forward.

After all, it takes a village to live life.

It takes a tribe.

I am in your tribe.

Just let me know, I'll be right here.

Right here waiting for you to decide you are ready.

Make the decision that will move you forward.

Click 'Contact' and reach out to me. We'll get on a call and figure it all out.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

If not, why not?

Oh, and keep posted . . . I will share more of the Appalachian Trail Adventure.

Those women are after all, challenging their limits.

Much love,


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