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It Takes Two, Baby!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a rhythm of up-swing to get us moving forward. Often in relationships, we feel as if we are walking a tightrope with an abyss of failure looming below.

But, look up!

There are positive steps we can take to strengthen our relationships and keep them from sinking.

I've had many conversations of this nature show up in my life over the past week... so it got me thinking how like-minded everyone is... but like-minded on the darker side of life. Keeping us in misery! UGH!

Let's move out of that energy...use a tow-truck if necessary! But get out of that space!

You are a product of your actions...not your intentions. So take a hard look at the WHAT you are doing in life and especially in your relationships. As for this topic, anyway.

Show Up.

In this day and age... how hard is that becoming! Showing up?

What with cell phones, work, and so many other distractions, it's no wonder relationships are taking longer to foster! There is a difference between simply BEING SOMEWHERE and actually SHOWING UP.

I've made this distinction many, many times with my clients. Showing up means being fully present, especially when you are with your significant other.

Set boundaries that allow for you both to be attentive and attuned to each other. Connection one-on-one is KEY.

Open Up, be vulnerable.


How will we truly experience a depth to our loving without exposing ourselves vulnerably? To be loved is to be known inside and out. Why would we shortchange ourselves in one of the most important areas of life? A thriving relationship requires us to open up. Be free to love and receive love by becoming vulnerable.

Fess Up.

Many successful relationships have been known to hear a few “I’m sorries" here and there. Especially a healthy relationship. Disagreeing, making mistakes and working through challenges are not only normal, but healthy. Doing so shows couples living fully and learning from one another.

Relationships take a wicked turn when one partner refuses to acknowledge the moments where they've failed. Apologizing for mistakes does wonders to make your significant other feel valued.

At the end of each day, take your own inventory and apologize before you turn out the lights.

Listen Up.

No one enjoys the thought of spending their lives with someone who is bossy, uninterested, or has their head in the clouds.

When speaking with your significant other, actively listen to them. When they share with you, engage. Active listening involves listening with all senses.

Ask them to further explain the details of an event that happened in their day. Did they have a difficult phone call with their friend? Co-worker? Sibling? Ask them how it made them feel. Don’t cut them off or check out.

People want to know that they have been heard and especially that they matter.

Speak Up.

Love is a two-way street, traffic will flow both ways.

Failing to voice your true feelings in a loving way is a disservice to yourself, your partner, and to the relationship you share together. When you love your significant other, you WANT to know what they are thinking. It helps you know them more and makes you feel close.

Same goes for your partner! They want to know what you're thinking, too! So, share!

Not all of this will be easy to do, but it sure doesn't have to be hard!

Everyone should be living a life they love. And with someone they love and can call lover.

Reach out to me here and we can and will do this together. ( or

Make the decision that will move you forward.

Click 'Contact' and reach out to me. We'll get on a call and figure it all out.

Just start.


If not now, when?

Much love, Lucia

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