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Hey, What If It Were Easy?

To early to talk about this??

Caught in the holiday rush?

Caught in the convenient-excuse-chain to procrastinate yet again?

Did you put yourself on the "list"?

Yikes!! That would mean I would actually need to DO something about it!

Well, hello. . . I didn't just get here!

Been there, done that!

How's that workin' for ya??

Change is hard when you know it's the path you need to take to get what you want.

When I think about this past year and a half and all the things that I've done, I am amazed by how far I've come and how much I've learned.

Especially what I've learned about myself. . . Stay in your 'why' and stay out of the 'how' it shows up!!

Boy, is that hard!

My life has been EXTREMELY interesting since I've moved to LA! I don't think I could have ever imagined all of the twists, turns, nuances, 'coincidences' and details that are unfolding on this path, this journey I'm on.

I know had I not taken this leap of faith, dared greatly, bravely and courageously. . . I would have never been the richer.

And it was all waiting for me.

So many of my confidants said to me "Lucia, you got this girl! You've done so much in your life that this should be a piece of cake!"

Starting over in a new city, on new 'turf' has it's patience for growth and learning, to say the least!

So, I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway, like I would guide my clients. Stay in my 'surrender' as I build upon the foundation of my coaching business.

Becoming an entrepreneur is certainly challenging! And SCARY!

I want to share myself in a vulnerable way to help remind you all that we are in this together. That we are more alike than we are different.

But make no mistake, taking action in your life is the only thing that makes it real. Makes it actually HAPPEN!

It is the definition of 'game-changer'.

I am completely comfortable to share my life experiences with you all and be an open-book. I think it helps us [both] not feel so alone and isolated in our 'struggle' to make change happen.

I know how I feel when I read something that resonates with me and how I relate.

It's comforting.

Comforting to know that I'm not the only one going through 'something'.

I have a mantra of sorts.... everybody's got 'something' going on in their life.... everybody! To a greater or lesser degree, there is a 'something'.

Many of use are facing internal battles that no one knows anything about.

Some are honest enough to call them out.

Some are honest enough to admit they do not like the direction their life is going in.

And some are still trying to 'bury' their shit deep. . . .deep. . . . deep. Thinking they are doing a real good job of hiding it all and living life – regardless.


How's that working for ya?

Might as well chain that sucka to your ankle and drag it around every day, all day, wherever you go.

Unopened. . . Locked up. . . Nothing to see here!

"When will I get to really living the life I thought I would live... the one I had imagined all my life?"

We all have a 'story'. But the story doesn't have to have us.

Embrace it, learn from it, honor it even!

Just do not allow it to get the air-time you give it if it keeps you from making the changes you need to make to keep yourself growing. Keep yourself progressing in your life.

Remember, progress = happiness.


So as the holiday's unfold this year and you are getting ready to ring in 2017, give that panoramic view of 2016. . . you know, like you did back in 2015. . .getting ready for 2016. . .


What were your dreams, hopes, desires back on January 1, 2016?

How did the year go?

What did you set out to accomplish and actually succeeded?

What did you hope to change, and then got derailed?

What stopped you....again?

The pull to the familiar is sooooo powerful, isn't it?

We become 'comfortable' in the 'discomfort' of our lives just because we've been doing it for SO LONG!!!!!

Damn doesn't THAT make sense!

If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got!

And the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior . . . UNTIL something DRASTICALLY changes!


It's January 1, 2017.

What will be different?

Why will it be different?

What needs to happen FOR it to be different?

Are you happy with the direction your life is taking?

If not, let's change it!

If not now, when?



Dear God, here comes 2020!!

I am here.

I am here to help you change your course, redirect your sails in the direction of your hopes, dreams and desires.

It can happen!

It will happen!

All you have to do is decide you want it.

Make the decision that will move you forward. And I will help.

I will keep you curious; keep you accountable; keep you moving when you want to give up on yourself.

I am your advocate for change.

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday is the gift of YOU.

As freakin' hokey or corny as that sounds. . . just choose YOU!

Don't make me want this more for you than you want it for yourself. (Because I do!)

You deserve to get what you want in your life.

But YOU gotta go get it!!

Reach out to me today and we'll get on the phone and come up with a plan. A plan that has your blueprint for change and go get that life you want!

It might not be easy, but it doesn't have to be hard.


What if it were easy?

What if?


I'm in!

Are YOU?

Much love,


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