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Here's lookin' at you, kid...

~Hubba~Hubba~ You sexy thing, you!

I mean, do you even know how truly gorgeous you really are? All those steamy, pouty-lipped looks you’ve shot me. . . I mean. . . Yowza! And those nervous 'lines' you’ve practiced in front of me til you winked and got it right!

How 'bout those songs you sang into your hairbrush like the rockstar you are! And damn, don’t even get me started on that dance you do when nobody’s watching!!

I must say, being your boudoir mirror, I can really read people. And I am GREAT at it! So believe me, I know you sometimes struggle to love yourself as much as I love you.

I mean, truly love on yourself for the magnificence and grandeur you bring to this world.

I see how you grapple with finding the greatness you have within you. Like when you have to lay on your bed and suck in your belly before you can slide on your favorite jeans. Or when you’re obsessing over your perfectly natural and beauteous wrinkles.

Or when you scrutinize your splendid naked body with hate and disgust. Or when I catch your eyes rolling at the end of an exhausting, stressful, energy-zapping day. . . mumbling, “Ugh...when will there be time for me....” Well, I’d love for you to take in that eye-popping splendor of gorgeousness I see in you. I see you. So, hey, how about I do something extraordinary for you? Pssst. . . I will let you in on another superpower we mirrors have. . . We can show you exactly what you need to see in any given moment. That's why I’m reaching out to you today with a little help from our partner and mutual friend Lucia, to show you a it's-about-time-I-did-this-for-myself method to take your health, your body, your sexiness, your confidence, your self-love and your energy to a whole new level. And. . .*Hint*Hint* The answer lies in you....something you have that I can never really 'see', no matter how long I stare at you. So are you ready for a better you?

Want to keep progressing?

Make strides to live your life on purpose? (By design, not default.)

Let's discover how to start loving yourself the way I - and so many others - already do!

Discover how to start loving yourself more deeply than ever before! Start today! (What have you been waiting for anyway?)

Here's lookin’ at you kid!

Love, Your Boudoir Mirror P.S. Lucia and I want to see you Dance more. . .Giggle like a school-girl more. . . Love yourself more. . . Live like its Heaven on Earth. . . and more!! We want you to have more focus, more energy and enough clarity to harness every scrumptious ounce of goodness out of this zany and unpredictable thing we call life.

Reach out to Lucia here and get on a call to get started with a plan that will move you forward, keep you progressing and let's get living more of the life you were meant to live.... YES, YOU, beautiful, gorgeous YOU! xo

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