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Google your life lately?

We can pretty much Google anything and we will find information. Most times confirming our beliefs. Especially how you type in your question in the search box.

Our social media feed is designed to filter out articles, pictures and offers that differ from our current opinions, desires and 'searches'....we've 'taught' the computer – our likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc.... isn't it crazy that you order a cute little top; google a physical ailment; search for some law of attraction inspiration . . . and it ALL shows up on your feed!! And then we think did that get there?? I guess it's 'meant to be'! lol In some ways our mind works like this as well.

When we believe something, we will look EVERYWHERE FOR THE EVIDENCE that will confirm our beliefs and we unconsciously filter out events or opinions that don’t match ours.

Has this every happened to you before. . . you go looking to buy a [specific] new car. You seem to notice that exact make and model of car EVERYWHERE. Even in the color you want!

How about your friend or co-worker who is a hypochondriac? They scan their bodies regularly checking for aches, pains and, interestingly enough, they seem to find them.

You may be frustrated with your partner at a given time and so you notice everything about them that annoys you but filter out all the good stuff. Our beliefs shape the way our life plays out.

Beliefs are shaped early in our life. They get 'set in stone' as the messages of life play out. Especially if it's 'iconic' people who are doing the modeling in delivering these messages.

Think of life like a brand new computer.

It starts out with plenty of space and GBs until our thoughts and beliefs start downloading all the 'stuff' we think we should keep. The way information is showing up for us. We do this so unconsciously and then our life consistently confirms our beliefs about it because we are unconsciously looking for those confirmations.

Like Google, life is constantly searching to serve up what we believe and filter out what we don’t. Life literally gives you what you want – or rather what you believe.

And there's a difference, isn't there? If you believe you are unlucky, you will notice your lack of luck and filter out the lucky events. Confirming the fact that you are unlucky. If you believe your life is crap, you will notice the crap in your life and filter out the good stuff. Confirming the fact that your life is crap. Your mind is the most powerful search engine there is, and it will present you with the results you are seeking. So be careful with the search terms you use.

There is no greater battle in life than the battle between the parts of you that want to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable in the comfort of remaining where you are. I call it comfortable in the discomfort.

If you are looking to take action today, change the way you look at things, here are some initial steps to get you started clearing those negative, disempowering beliefs:

Step #1: Shine a light on it! Become aware – expose it! The vibration of being in a belief is different than looking at a belief. And be patient here, this step may take some time... give it the time it deserves. Many of these beliefs have lived in your thoughts a loooooong, long time! Stuck in you psyche with 'super glue'!

So try this . . . get out a piece of paper and make a list. Beliefs are not True or False you see. Beliefs are either beneficial or detrimental. So as you become aware of the beliefs/thoughts in your head, write them down in either the BENEFICIAL column or the DETRIMENTAL column. Decide how this is either benefiting you or how it is detrimental or derailing you. Then decide what you want to believe so it works in your favor and in how you want things to be.

Step # 2: Still in the awareness of exposing the belief, ask yourself how you feel when the belief takes center stage. For example: Belief: "I'm not good enough" feels different when you are IN IT vs. "I seem to always feel I'm not good enough when 'X, Y, Z' happens to me." It's more of the observant, 3rd person mode. This examination process helps you DISPROVE the evidence with all the reasons why you ARE good enough. And be sure to list them. You will begin to feel differently and can DELIBERATELY choose a new belief. Awareness is key!

*A note of caution – There may be an emotional pay-off for some of these beliefs... these are not the voice of logic or our intellect, these are the voices of emotion. So determine the emotions that hold you to these beliefs, holding you like 'super-glue' because of the pay-off that the belief is creating for you. ie: 'I'm not good enough' – the emotional pay off could be: I get pity and that makes me feel like people care about me. OR I give up responsibility to try something different, something new.

Is the emotional pay off worth more than the limitations of the belief we hold?

I'm going to stop here and ask you how that's working for ya?

Take a moment and do the work in Step #1 and #2 and then ask yourself – what you want for your life?

If the beliefs you are holding on to so preciously are showing up in the detrimental column and your emotional pay off is keeping you safe yet uncomfortable . . . you can do something about that.

It's time to take charge of your life and change the way you look and feel about it all.

Reach out to me today for a free discovery call and we will kick around the "what if's" and "what now's" and figure a plan.

My friend, Karen, just died on Friday. She and I graduated Life Mastery together. We were the same age. We wanted the same help make a difference in just one person's life.

And now she's gone.

She taught me that Monday may not keep showin' up for a fresh start.

We'll do this together....sooner rather than later.

Much love,


P.S. You have just one life to live. If you are telling yourself a story about your life...make it a damn good one! If it doesn't feel like a good one, well change it!

We grow regardless of the path. We either grow into more despair or we grow past our despair and into a life we want to live.

Why not get on that path that empowers you? I get it . . . message me!

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