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Why you need a little life shift. . .

Hello Sweethearts!

I swear I scratch my head every time!

As I speak to more and more people, so many are NOT where they thought they would be in life. . . OR they have a deep desire to s-t-r-e-t-c-h to something even greater than what they already have.

The conundrum: Most people DO NOT choose themselves as the priority.

So I scratch my head.

Why would I have to talk someone INTO choosing themselves. INTO making a shift in their life? Choosing to go after what you want versus staying in the same 'spot', miserable?

I'm not sure there is one 'right' answer....everything is relative to YOUR life now, isn't it.

But did you know that the best time to make a change is when everything is going WELL and your felling perfectly content? (Surprise!)

Did you know that disturbing the 'status quo' can make you stronger and more driven to whatever you have your sights on?

Did you know that science shows that change is EXHILARATING? It stimulates your brain and boosts your performance. It helps you broaden your perspective.

AND. . . if you do it when everything is going 'good' (like maybe your job, your relationships, your workouts, or?) change can be extra special and even more powerful.

Positive change puts you in control of your life. You control your life, your life doesn't control you.

And there's a difference in that very sentence, isn't there?

Change helps you from getting stuck or losing steam.

The most successful people are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating themselves and their circumstances and looking to make a few tweaks and changes that will help them grow and keep the excitement alive!

Ironically, when things are going 'good' we SHOULD ask ourselves, 'What aspects of my life am I doing on auto-pilot?'


Hold on a minute. . .

Let's look at your job as an example.

After a year or more you're probably feeling a steadiness, a grounding of sorts. You've likely become competent in what your role and function is and are likely feeling comfortable and self-assured. Gone are the days of 'I don't know what I don't know' and you've got this!

Upon closer examination of the day to day, you may recognize that this can be a good time to take on a greater degree of responsibility at work.

I know what you're thinking... "Why would I do THAT????" One of the best ways to find out if we are comfortable with the level of responsibility we currently shoulder is to expand our efforts so that we are once again challenging ourselves.

Again. . . "Why would I do THAT??"

Let me be clear, I'm talking self-imposed challenges of change. Stretching – growing – progressing.

We all may have taken on the annual 'corporate mandates' from the CEO or the occasional 'burr in the saddle' of your immediate supervisor. But the more proactive we are about undertaking new duties and obligations for our own progress and fulfillment, the more others will sit up and take notice of our talents and abilities. Especially our own self. A great feeling awaits you!

We don't often realize how broad our potential really is because we rarely challenge the extent of our capabilities, especially when we are at peak performance.

But think about this . . . You'll be in a prime position of mental strength and confidence and this forward 'life shift' will help your growth, progress and happiness gain momentum.

I know, I know. . . sounds like I've watched one to many episodes of "Undercover Boss", but why do more if I'm not asked to do so?

Let's look at another example. Your workout.

Say you love strength training and your typical gym routine. . . Cardio - dumbbells - cool down. . . rinse repeat.

This is the perfect time to step it up and try a new routine. Perhaps one that may have challenged you back in the day, but since then you've worked up to it in a different way and are likely ready for its challenge now that you are at peak performance from once you started.

It's a FANTASTIC feeling when you accomplish it. (Especially if it was HARDER when you first tried it!)

Make sense?

Honestly, we can run ANYTHING in our lives thru this new model of what change and life shifts can look like. We are simply giving it a different meaning.

We have to flip our thinking sometimes.

The number one thing that holds people back from going after positive, productive life change is DOUBT.

We think, "what if it doesn't work out?" or "what if I make things worse" or "why re-invent the wheel" or "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and so on and so on.

So simply tell yourself that YOU are in control.

We already know that change is inevitable, right? So let's take charge of that change in a proactive vs. reactive way.

When you take charge and manage change on your own terms, it most often works out in the best way for you! Takes away the fear of uncertainty (most of us hate that one anyway!) and puts us in the driver seat to feel more optimistic and empowered.

So I'll let you ponder this one for a bit.

But not too long.

When making a change, we often don't know much about what we're getting into. Fear and resistance always shows up to challenge you. That's their job. We become hesitant to find out what we're made of. Or we don't even think about it in that way.

Don't let fear and resistance win out ALL the time!

Like anything, take baby-steps at first. (And notice I said: "At First".)

Small change keeps you moving forward, and when things are going well, even tiny tweaks can give you MAJOR benefits.

Maybe you'll discover a new skill, or find a hobby or pastime that energizes and inspires you!

The opportunities are endless quite honestly!

Once you've dabbled in a few baby-steps, then hit 'full throttle' and see what REALLY lights you up!

We are more flexible and adaptable than we think. We often underestimate what we are truly capable of.

As long as you focus on changes and life shifts that feel manageable to you, there's no tellin' the number of changes you can make. And even many changes at the same time! (Studies have shown that making more than one change at a time to your routine improves your mood and lowers your stress levels twice as much!)

If this raises an eyebrow or two, reach out to me here and I will be your partner in believing all of this is possible. I will be your change agent and strategist for your growth, progress, and happiness! I'll help you stay the course!

It's likely that you will not stop pushing yourself just because you can, and having accountability assurance is key!

I'm rooting for you – always!

Much love,


P.S. Let me know your thoughts! What change, life shift, have you been thinking about lately? What is holding you back? Reach out to me here and let me know. (I bet you are not alone in your thinking!)

P.P.S. Pass this email on to a friend! You never know what people are looking for these days. We are a tribe! Pass it on! Check out my page on Facebook and Instagram and give it a 'look-see' and a 'like' if you would!

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