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Holding Space for Others

Hello, my Sweethearts!

Wow, it's been a LONG TIME since you've heard from me in your inbox!!

It does go with good reason . . . at least for me.

I've been on a self-discovery journey for this chapter of my life. Some 'ME' time I never seemed to allow for or lean in to often enough.

It's actually still my work in progress. And it should be. (But there will be more to come about that . . . )

This communication, this post, is "an announcement" of sorts.

For some time now I've been interested in hosting a podcast that would help to hold space for people, women especially, to consider a different perspective, a different way to look at what's going on in their life. Like I've been doing for myself. It's an opportunity for me to hold space for any overwhelming feelings you may be encountering, give it a voice, and offer another way to look at it.


You are not alone. We all think we are, but what I've learned is that we are all more ALIKE than we are DIFFERENT.

So, I put my intentions 'out there', and poof!!! Allison Sutter showed up!


I think not!

Allison and I quickly realized our kindred hearts were on a similar path. A similar 'mission', if I may. So poof! Let your Cork Float, the Podcastwas born!

Well. . . sidebar . . . we actually vetted thru SOOOO MANY TITLES hoping to not only land on something that captured what we are about, but one that wasn't 'taken' by the podcasting community. Many titles were already 'in use'. . .not our definition. . . but some titles.

Nevertheless, we landed on 'Let Your Cork Float' as it's imagery and metaphor was close to what we are about. We want to help inspire that in-between space where our thought's dream, and our actions fail. Help to navigate that space for our desired outcomes to be realized.

What is the Let Your Cork Float Podcast about??

It's about help in recognizing the emotional struggle that keeps us from getting what we want in life and consistently navigating our way through it all.

This title refers to cork wood.

Cork naturally floats.

In order to hold it underwater, you must intentionally keep it anchored down somehow.

This is what we do in life. . . we keep ourselves 'anchored down' with our negative, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks.

We [needlessly] struggle and stifle our desires because we don't know how to make ourselves and our lives feel better.

It feels easier to walk away and give up.

We use fear, lack of control, and other negative emotions to keep us in a holding pattern apart from what we want to experience in life.

We fear that 'lack of control'. . . our guarantee that our life will turn out as we want it to.

Letting go of that control is really what we fear.

When you let go of a piece of cork, it naturally floats to the surface of the water.

It's a buoyant material.

And so are you.

Cork requires no action, other than letting go, to float to the surface of the water. It just does because buoyancy is its true state of being.

This will sound strange, but no effort is required for you to find a solution to your struggles either.

The only thing you need to do is let go and trust.

You will be back in alignment with your natural state of being.

Sounds easy enough??

Well, it might not be easy . . . but it sure doesn't need to be hard. We seem to do "hard" naturally!

Mesdames and Messieurs, you are the cork.

In the Let Your Cork Float Podcast we are figuring out how to do let go and trust, together, through conversation, extending love and patience to each other, and laughter. Lots of laughter. (Humor seems to make everything open up. I just love that!)

And as a consequence of what we are creating here, we will all naturally 'rise up' to be in alignment with our natural state of being and realize [and get] more of what we want in life.

Wait, say that again?

We will all naturally 'rise up' to be in alignment with our natural state of being and realize [and get] more of what we want in life.

Cha, cha, cha!

Who Is This Podcast for?

This podcast is for YOU!

We are a tribe and we need to support each other as a tribe.

No lip service here.

Wisdom, connection, laughter, and tears.

We are talking feelings, and there's no right or wrong on that one!

We'll shine a light on all of it, give it a new meaning when necessary, and support reliable solutions to help navigate through, around, over, and under your fears, worries, doubts, insecurities and all of the emotions that are getting in the way of getting what you want.

Give them a voice!

Speak your truths!

Set yourself free!

Cha, cha, cha!

Laugh alongside two wise and hilarious women as they tell stories and offer really great advice.

No shenanigans or pretense here.

I'm Ferraro . . . she's Sutter and we'll be as paired down as they come.

Why would you wait one more minute longer to go after what you want??

Listen to "Hello, It's Allison and Lucia" an introduction to your hosts. . .

Feel free to subscribe, rate and review these podcasts. We appreciate any and all feedback from you, our kindred listeners! So please, don't be shy! It is a safe and respectful space for you to be you, ALL of you! Feedback is a beautiful thing!

Have something more you might want to say. . . one-to-one?

Thank you for your continued support!

And remember, I am not my sister's keeper, I am my sister.

Much love,


P.S. If you feel intrigued and inspired and think it would resonate with your friends or loved ones, please be generous and share this email with them. It's how we create a movement for change.

P.S.S. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook where you can join in on the conversations!

Peace to you my friend. For you are my tribe.

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