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Speak Your Truth—Even When It Scares You!

Hello you! Beautiful YOU!

Speak your truth, even if it scares you!

One of the reasons it’s important to speak and share your own truth is that it allows you to really hear and feel it in your bones.

By “your truth,” I just mean what is, for you, right now.

You’ll see.

My truth, like so many of yours, is messy and full of flaws.

My truth is a big cluster fuck of ugly, messy, beautiful experiences that have lead me to this exact point I am at today.

The crazy truth of speaking your truth is that it is usually not the first thing that comes to the top of your mind to do.

After all, we spend so much time trying to figure out which 'part' of ourselves will need to represent!

It seems it matters who the audience is as to how you will show up, and which 'part' of you is your best representative of all the parts of you in relation to that 'relationship'.

It's Craziness! And yet, it makes complete sense!

When you think about it, we ALL have our issues- “our stories”.

And boy do we do our best to cover them up…“package ourselves nicely” and tie a cheery, pretty little ribbon around it all. (Don't even get me started on how we show up on social media!)

Well, I don’t want to carry around that pretty little box and lead people to believe I’m some “perfect” individual.

Remember, some of us were taught not to show any of our so-called weakness or flaws.

If we did, we'd risk that we won’t be… Loved … Accepted... Significant... fill in the blank!



Well, we feel it!

We even decided to believe it! All of it!

We are already living in a hypocritical world. A world in which humans aren’t allowed to be and feel - HUMAN.

I want and need to be the exception to that rule for my life.

The truth is, (see how I did that 😉), our Truth is the language of the soul and carries power in its meaning and significance.

The more you’re aware of yourself and where you are and especially how you want to feel about your life, the better you’re able to create better experiences and outcomes. So please, check your awarenesses. I mean, if you aren't aware, how are you going to know how to course correct??

Communicating from the heart [not the head] will allow you to acknowledge, express and share your truth.

It will lead to your trusted surrender and salvation AND the freedom that comes with it.

I can lend guidance and support to you on how to go about speaking your truth. You can contact me here and we can find some voice-to-voice time to help get you started!

I want to also encourage you to listen to this podcast entitled: Do You Trust Others and What's Showing Up In Your Life? where Allison Sutter and I share our thoughts on the matter! And even a few getting started tips at the end, Like: Speak your truth into a mirror... to yourself! You’re the first person that needs to hear it spoken out loud anyway! Once you are comfortable on how it feels, then you can language your truth for your TRUSTED 'audiences'!

Let me know how it feels as you lean it to it all. Set yourself, your truth, free.

Share your stories to help inspire another 'tribe' member!

p.s. If you think this would resonate with someone you know, please forward this email and share!

p.s.s. You can also join in the Facebook conversations and on Instagram

Now let's settle in and breathe. . .

Much love ❤️

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